Unity Insures Recovery Through Service


Our Group Purpose

This meeting is based on the premise that AA had more to offer than just abstinence from alcohol. Recovery is the restoration of our relationships with God and others through sobriety. We recover through working the 12 Steps on a daily basis.

This new relationship with a higher power is the cornerstone of our sobriety. Without the expansion of this loving relationship with God, into our relationships with other people, our happiness is incomplete.

The Traditions show us how to love each other. The principles that work for the AA groups also apply to our relationship with God, our families, friends, and those with whom we work. It is by practicing the principles of the traditions that we carry our the steps in the world.

We live in the solution, not the problem. We are united to one another in love. The natural expression of love is service, and when we love, we want to serve. The Twelve Concepts are the service Principles that carry out the promises of love contained in the traditions.

The principles of the Concepts show us how to love each other through being of service to the world. In short, the motto of this meeting is: “Unity Insures Recovery Through Service.”


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