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This website is devoted to studying the twelve steps, traditions and concepts of service from the AA program. We use as our guide a set of commentaries by Dennis Fitzpatrick.

Written in the 1970's and early 1980's, these study guides draw heavily on the Big Book, Twelve and Twelve and General Service Manual. They are of use to those sober members who wish to add to their 'simple kit of spiritual tools' the power of the traditions and concepts. The commentaries focus on writing inventory on each chapter. The short inventory format utilized seeks to explore each person's relationship with god and AA, family and friends, as well as work and other talents. Each inventory is set in a dialectic style, asking us to set forth the problem, examine the character defect and ask, "What would our higher power have us do?"

The commentaries were written Step one to Twelve, Tradition one to Twelve and Concept one to Twelve. They are used as the format for the Tuesday night Unity Insures Recovery Through Service meeting of AA in Los Angeles, California.

The commentaries are handed out each week as an aid to understanding how each step, tradition and concept can be applied to our lives. This is non-conference approved material.

The quotations from the Big Book and Twelve and Twelve are copyrighted by Alcoholics Anonymous®. The Interpretations are copyrighted by Dennis Fitzpatrick and are approved by General Service for distribution at meetings.

This website was designed in compliance with the guidelines as suggested by AA's General Service Office: "FAQ About A.A. Web Sites".

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